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The journey ends where it begins

( The Fools Journey)

Since 2017, Gen had been working on her dream project: an immersive theatrical experience that was exploring sound beyond hearing.

She purchased the rights of a cult classic movie telling the story of a DJ that loses his hearing and who learns how to connect with sound using all his senses.

The show was set to open in April 2020 and a cancellation was brought on by the plot twist that we have come to know as the global pandemic.

As she was developing the show, Gen had the occasion to dive deeply into research, with the mission to understand better how powerful sound is not just for our entertainment but also for our wellbeing. She also had a chance to work with many amazing musicians and activists from the D/deaf and HOH community who enlighted her even more as for how we can and perhaps even should connect with sound.

While developing the show, Gen dove deeply into research fueled by the mission and need to understand the potency of sound and its impact in the entertainment field and ultimately on our wellbeing. On her journey, she encountered amazing musicians, activists and pioneers from the D/deaf and HOH community who generously shared their knowledge and experience as well as enlightened her on connecting with sound, just like alchemists would do.

This totally changed her life as she realized how they had mastered leveraging the multi dimensions of sound and its effect on our souls.

Spending hours with audiologists, musicologist, scientists, and many other experts in the audio field, she saw how to bring to everyone’s attention, that, in order to truly LISTEN and receive the vibrations of sound, one is beckoned to learn how to open up and connect with sound using all of one’s senses.

With Make Some Noise, Gen wants to create a community that celebrates sound and its magical powers. She is doing so by creating installations and location-based destinations that will first and foremost entertain everyone. She also wants to use this opportunity to raise awareness for hearing health, and collectively learn how to recognize the type of frequencies that connect us everyday.

*MAKE SOME NOISE - does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

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